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Udaipur, Índia

According to Hinduism, in understanding any individual personality, a distinction is made between one's Swadharma (essence) and Swabhava(mental habits and conditionings of ego personality).
Svabhava is the nature of a person, which is a result of his or her samskaras (impressions created in the mind due to one's interaction with the external world). These samskaras create habits and mental models and those become our nature.
Dharma is derived from the root Dhr - to hold. It is that which holds an entity together. That is, Dharma is that which gives integrity to an entity and holds the core quality and identity (essence), form and function of that entity. Dharma is also defined as righteousness and duty. To do one's dharma is to be righteous, to do one's dharma is to do one's duty (express one's essence).


gaivotamiope 3/09/2008 1:10 da tarde  

Gostei da ajuda da Wikipédia: uma forma de aprendizagem :) Bjinhos

anaPaipita 3/13/2008 7:43 da tarde  

Estou muito didáctica, não estou? ;)


Rodrigo Campos 3/20/2008 1:16 da manhã  

amazing shot. congrats.

anaPaipita 3/21/2008 9:54 da tarde  

thanks, Rodrigo! :)


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